[VIDEO 140723] HER Showcase - Block B @ The STAR

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[VIDEO 131003] Block B - VERY GOOD Showcase & Fanmeeting [ENG SUBS] 

(Part 1/8) (Part 2/8) (Part 3/8) (Part 4/8) (Part 5/8) (Part 6/8) (Part 7/8) (Part 8/8)

Channel: Aini M@youtube
Video: 11mm20-2@youtube
Translation: bontheblock@twitter
Lyrics: pop!gasa + SJK + youngha@BLOCKBINTL + kpoplyrics.net

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[VIDEO 131003] Block B Showcase #VeryGood Press Conference - News1 Korea

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[130910] Twitter Seven Seasons

[KOR] 실검 때려잡는 BBC . thx ! “[FAN to SEVEN SEASONS] 실검 3위.. pic.twitter.com/hu3ontCr9c”

[ENG] BBCs caught on Real time search . thx ! “[FAN to SEVEN SEASONS] Real time search 3rd.. pic.twitter.com/hu3ontCr9c”

[ESP] Las BBCs lo alcanzaron en la búsqueda a tiempo real . ¡ Gracias ! “[FAN a SEVEN SEASONS] Terceros en la búsqueda atiempo real.. pic.twitter.com/hu3ontCr9c”


[KOR] 팬여러분들은 블락비의 얼굴입니다. 양도를 하지도 사지도 맙시다!

[ENG] The fans are the face of BLOCK B. Please do not sell or buy secondary transfers!

[ESP] Las fans son el rostro de Block B. ¡Por favor, no vendáis ni compréis transferencias secundarias!

Trans: bontheblock
Trad español: 7wannab

[130910] Twitter Kyung

[KYUNG] 와우 매진됬다고 하던데 모두 원하는좌석 예약했음요?! RT “[FAN] 와.. 오빠 이거 봤어? @.Kyungpark1992 pic.twitter.com/0DCDSD9b5b”

[ENG] [KYUNG] Whoa I heard it was all sold out Did everyone reserve the seat that you wanted?! RT “[FAN] Whoa.. Oppa, have you seen this? pic.twitter.com/0DCDSD9b5b”

T/N: ‘BLOCK B Showcase’ ranked 2nd on real time search

[ESP] [KYUNG] Woah, escuché que se ha vendido todo ¡¿Todo el mundo reservó el asiento que quería?! RT “[FAN] Whoa.. Oppa, ¿has visto esto? pic.twitter.com/0DCDSD9b5b”

N/T: ‘BLOCK B Showcase’ ocupaba el segundo lugar en la búsqueda a tiempo real

Trans: bontheblock

Trad español: 7wannab

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[121125] ZICO - 숨이차 Remix @ Jerry K Showcase

cr: http://blockbhyo.blog.me/ (by: doux)

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[JAP] Block.Bのカムバックショーケースに行って来ましたー! この8カ月を振り返ったメンバーの言葉には涙が…。そしてカッコよすぎるパフォーマンスに大興奮‼‼‼ 新曲『ニルリリマンボ』ヤバイです‼‼‼ (ソウル編集キ)

[ENG] We have just gotten back from Block B’s comeback showcase!!! The members look back on these eight months with tears, but their super cool performance was really exciting!! Their new song, Niralili Mambo is wicked! (Seoul editorial branch).

[ESP] ¡¡¡Acabamos de volver del comeback showcase de Block B!!! ¡¡Los miembros han mirado hacia atrás por estos ocho meses con lágrimas, pero su actuación super atractiva fue realmente excitante!! ¡Su nueva canción, Niralili Mambo es perversa! (rama editorial de Seúl).

Eng trans: Bontheblock
Esp trad: Lasni@7wannab


cr: Mnet

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[ENG] f(x)’s Sulli spotted at Block B Comeback Showcase. 

[ESP] Sulli de f(x) ha sido avistada en el Comeback Showcase de Block B.

Source: @sulli94.net

Eng trans: FollowBlockB

Esp trad: Aya@7wannab 

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Trad español:
sandraxp @7WannaB 

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